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Early Blueberries, perhaps

It is looking like it is going to be an early season this year so I will keep you posted when I will be opening but it is looking like it might be before Christmas. You can ring for an update on 04-5287581. Cheers Carolann 971 Whitemans Valley Road, Whitemans Valley

Open until Sunday 2nd April

Hi it has been a great extended season and I am open all this week until this Sunday the 2nd of April. Yes there are still great berries for PYO. There is a late night again this week on Thursday until 7pm. Cheers Carolann

Extended Blueberry Season

Hi Blueberry Fields Forever will be open just for Saturday this week with next week being open as usual from Wednesday 22nd March through to Sunday the 26th March 9-5. After that please check this blog for opening hours and days as I need to take it week by week from then on. You can […]

Blueberry Season Extended

Well who would have thought it would be such a great season considering the weather so instead of closing for the season this weekend we will take it week by week from here. This week opening times are still Wed – Sun 9-5 with Wednesday being the special price day of $18kg. Evening picking will […]

Evening Blueberry Picking

To extend the mid week special this week I will be opening late this Wednesday and Thursday evenings until 7.30pm so you can come after work or dinner to be able to take advantage of the $18kg price which finishes this week. Normal price is $22kg and the address is Blueberry Fields Forever 971 Whitemans […]

PYO Mid Week Special

Hi as it is such a great season this year I have decided to have a Wednesday and Thursday mid week special where the PYO blueberries will be $18Kg not $22 Kg. This will continue for the next two weeks starting from the 22nd Feb until the 2nd of March. Such a good price so […]

PYO blueberries open until March 2107

PYO organic Blueberries open until hopefully the second week of March 2017. Still lots and lots of big beautiful berries at $22Kg for PYO. Blueberry leaf tea is an amazing product that helps with so many ailments. I am now making this and it is for sale. Please see below. I look forward to catching […]

Blueberries Open

For those of you who haven’t been here before the address is 971 Whitemans Valley Road, Whitemans Valley, Upper Hutt ph 5287581. Directions are on the blueberry page.

PYO Blueberries 2017

Hi the Blueberries will hopefully be opening on Wednesday the 11th January 2017. As the Short Straw Cafe is now closed I will be providing a picnic area and selling organic ice creams, tea and coffee. The blueberries are the same price they have been for the past few years @ $22 per kilo for […]

PYO Blueberries Closing Today Sun 21st Feb 2016

Hi having just done a complete walk through of the blueberry field I have decided that it is best to close for the season at the end of the day today, Sunday the 21st Feb 2016. It has been a really bad season with the blueberries starting a month late and finishing 3 weeks early […]

PYO Blueberries Now Open

Hi the blueberries have finally ripened so there is great picking. Open Wednesday through to Sunday 9am to 5pm. There is no eftpos sorry as there is no cell ph coverage but I can accept cash or internet banking. Look forward to seeing you all. Cheers Carolann

Open Friday, closed Sat, open Sunday

Hi my last post was a little confusing so opening hours for this week are as above. Next week I hope to be open Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun but check this post or ring 04 5287581 for an updated answer ph message. Opening days are weather dependent. See you soon Cheers Carolann

Opening days this week

Hi as the blueberries are slow to ripen this season I am having to regulate picking days so that you aren’t disappointed. This week the blueberries are open Today Thursday, Friday closed Saturday and open again for Sunday picking. I will post again for next weeks days. See you soon Carolann.

Blueberry Picking closed until Wed 20th January

Hi due to being picked out within the first few days of opening I will need to give the blueberries a few days to ripen so will close until Wednesday the 20th January 9am. Normal opening hours are 9-5 Wed to Sun. It is better to wait than be disappointed. I look forward to seeing […]

Blueberries Ready Soon

Hi hope you all enjoyed seeing the organic blueberries on the Topp Twins programme Topp Country.I was hoping the blueberries would have been ripe this week but not so. There are plenty of large berries but they just need a little longer to ripen properly. Wednesday the 13th January will be opening day for PYO. […]

Merino Jumpers & Cardy’s

Hi Everyone glad you all liked the show with the Twins. A lot of you have made enquiries about the female farm jumper. Yes I do sell them and cardies with a zip but not the pattern as it took to long to perfect. They both alleviate the need for a scarf, gloves and a […]

Blueberry Season Ending

It is sad to say that this weekend 7th & 8th of March 2015 will be the last week of PYO Blueberries as the season has come to an end. It has been lovely to see old faces return and new faces arrive and be delighted by the size and flavour of the blueberries. The […]

Waitangi Day Open

Hello everyone yes I am open on Waitangi Day 9-5. There are lots of BIG ripe beautiful berries and I should be open until early March. Cheers Carolann

Blueberries almost ripe

Hi everyone the blueberries are only about a week away from being ready to pick so I am looking at being at Hill St market now Thorndon Market next week and open for PYO about the same time or a week later. There are loads of beautiful big blueberries once again. I look forward to […]

Pruning Workshop this Saturday

Hi I know this is short notice but suddenly thought some of you might like to join the soft fruit pruning workshop that I am running this Saturday the 14th June at the farm. We will be pruning black, red, white currants, gooseberries and blueberries. I will then show you how to take cuttings from […]

PYO Blueberries all gone

After the last blog we had a run on the blueberries and now they are all gone for PYO. We thought it better to let you know to save anyone a trip this weekend. Thank you all for your support for our first season of PYO, it’s been a fun season and we look forward […]

Blueberry PYO

Hi Everyone the Blueberries will be closing this weekend for PYO 2/3/14. Thank you all for supporting us for our first season and we hope to see you all again next year. Cheers Carolann


The Blueberries have had a bumper season and we hope you have enjoyed them. They are starting to slow down now so if you want to PYO we are probably open for another two weeks. Whew what a ride for our first season of PYO with the blueberries being ready six weeks early and us […]

Blueberries are ready

The blueberries are early this year and ready for PYO from this Wednesday 8th January 2014. Opening days are Wednesday through to Sunday 9.30am – 4pm $18 kg. I am also selling them at Hill Street Market, Wellington NZ on Saturday mornings 8.30am until 12.30pm. They are $3 125 gms and $5 250 gms and […]

Soap shakers are on their way

Finally the ordered soap shakers are sent and we have the new improved stainless steel ones in stock. The last dates for before Christmas posting for New Zealand is Dec 19th, Australia is Dec 9th, Europe, America South Pacific, East Asia and UK is 3rd Dec and the rest of the world Dec 1st. We […]

What Has Happened To My Soap Shaker Order?

I’m sure a few of you have been asking this question for a while now. I can’t apologise enough for your delay and frustration. The saga so far is that due to high demand we decided to start making the soap shakers again and told you all that. Orders came flooding in but when we […]

Grow you own groceries – download presentation from here

Following an earlier presentation at the local library in April this year, I was asked back to present on some ideas for growing your own groceries. Good feedback and plenty of people asking if they can get a copy of the presentation – so here it is. Hope you enjoy. Good luck with your growing. […]

Soap Shakers are coming back again

Ok I gave in as there were so many orders coming in we just had to start making them again. I never thought something so simple could make so many people so happy – great to see. We are tweeking the old one so the new one will be an improved version and will be […]

Soap Shakers all gone so no more ordwers please

Thank you to all the Australians that have bought 99% of our soap shakers. Good on you! I’m sure the Chinese or Indians will have a cheap replica at some point out as they are always sniffing around our web page at them. Any orders currently in we will be able to process. Cheers Carolann.

Soap Shakers – only 25 left

Hi Everyone there has been an enormous amount off hits on the site recently for the soap shaker so I thought it only fair to let you know that there are only 25 left and we won’t be manufacturing any more as I am tired of the abuse I have been getting re the price […]

Kitchen, Calf, Puppies and Piglets

] Finally the kitchen is coming together and we have added the piglets ,puppies and Maddy the next milker – well in a few years anyway. The piglets have been enjoying the extra milk from the house cow. We got the piglets to weed out an area that has been over run by a creeping […]

Childs Purple Jersey / Sweater

Pure New Zealand wool. This is for the real small person upto approx 18months old. It has a wide neck so as not to itch the child around the neck. Handspun and hand knitted. There is only one of these for sale.

Alpaca Small Girls Cardigan

Pure New Zealand Alpaca with wool blended at 20%. There are no chemical dyes in either the wool or the alpaca. Handspun and hand knitted this cardigan will fit a 2-4 yr old girl. Alpaca is renown to be warmer than wool and very soft in texture. This is the only one available in this […]

Alpaca Girls Cardigan

Pure New Zealand Alpaca with wool blended at 20%. There are no chemical dyes in either the wool or the alpaca. Handspun and hand knitted this cardigan will fit a 5-7 yr old girl. Alpaca is renown to be warmer than wool and very soft in texture. This is the only one available in this […]

Pink & Green Girls Cardigan

Pure New Zealand wool 2-3 yr old girls cute frilly cardigan. Just the ticket to be snuggly warm and look different. Handspun and hand knitted These can be made in most colour combinations and the price will vary depending on the size required. Can also be made in adult sizes.

Pink & Purple Girls Cardigan

Pure New Zealand wool girls frilly cardigan. You won’t find this in any shops and isn’t it cute. Handspun and hand knitted this particular one will fit a girl of approx 3-5 yrs of age but I can make one in any size and colour combinations. Just let me know the childs measurements. The price […]

Solar Hot Water Panel – Home built

I have been playing around with a thermosiphoning solar hot water panel. A thermosiphoning panel is usually at ground level and uses the principal that hot water rises and cold water sinks to push the water upwards into a tank instead of an electric pump. All of our solar hot water panels are roof mounted […]

We are now on Facebook

Search for Self Sufficiency Store Lots of blogs on the way re home made bio digesters for methane production, solar hot water panels, puppies and our new practical water feature for the cows. Carolann

New Calves and a Dreadful Looking Garden

Once again it is all or nothing with me. Fullspeed or fullstop as Mr T says. As with my book I always tell the truth so I’m going to post a photo of the garden in all it’s horror and maybe some of you will feel better about yours. We have friends who live in […]

The Worlds Worst Blogger Returns

Hello and Happy New Year to you all. My New Years Resolution was to take up drinking again, which I had been planning since about June 2011 and did so with gusto on NY’s Eve and I even managed to stay vaguely awake until midnight but was promptly asleep by 5min past. I broke my […]

The Kitchen Arrives

You can’t build a house in a day but you sure can move one. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep and was wide awake and waiting for the 2am arrival of the kitchen. It arrived on time and sat overnight awaiting the¬†light before trundling up the front paddock. It all went without a […]

The Kitchen Is On The Move

Well here we go and if all goes to plan it should arrive at 3am this morning. I’ll let the pictures do the talking for now apart from to say that it is all or nothing with me when it comes to posts.

Hugelkultur Workshop

Hugelkultur (hill/mound culture ) is the building of seriously high raised beds using tree prunings, old logs and any untreated wood piled into a trench and a five foot high raised bed built on top. This is really good for people with limited space, a bad back as there is no bending to weed or […]

The New Harvest Kitchen – almost.

  Well we have a long way to go but we might as well start at the beginning. Hopefully the pics will tell the story by themselves but to give you a quick story. The red sheepshed next to our house was one of the original buildings on the farm when it was a much […]